What can Emerald Powder do for your skin?

What can Emerald Powder do for your skin?

Minerals have been used in Beauty products for many centuries.

Many ancient cultures ground minerals to fine powders to apply colour to the skin, for decoration, camouflage and even war paint.

But did you know that many mineral powders also have amazing benefits for the skin?


The power of Gem stones

Many believe in the power of gem stones, and Emeralds are believed to possess high energy and healing powers.

Whether you believe in the spiritual benefits of Emeralds & other gem stones or not, it has been proven that they offer many benefits when added to skincare products.


One of our favourites is Emerald Powder

Here are just some of it's many benefits...

  • Contains Anti-aging properties, so helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Boosts the skin's Collagen production - thereby increasing it's elasticity
  • Helps to prevent moisture loss - keeping the skin hydrated
  • Stimulates new cell formation
  • Helps to repair damaged skin
  • Even's out the skin tone

My go to Emerald Skincare Product - Innerbark's Collagen Boosting Night Cream

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