The Benefits of Facial Steaming

Should we use one of the oldest methods for that ultimate glow?


A tradition that goes as far back as Roman times.

In fact, it was the Romans that introduced public baths, serving communities to improve general hygiene.

Men, Women & Children alike would indulge in this new past time.

As the Romans moved through Europe this led to Spa’s opening using both natural thermal hot springs and purpose-built areas.  Many arestill in use today.


Without any real research from notable researchers and most data available is anecdotal evidence should we engage in facial steaming?

Most Dermatologists do not mention using facial steamers; however, they encourage closing doors when bathing or showering to help hydrate the skin.

That said they also discourage people with dry skin taking hot baths or showers.  For dry skin suffers lukewarm water is highly recommended.

A humidifier is also recommended to help people who suffer from severe dry skin issues, this adds moisture into the room and helps dry skin hydrate.


  • Facial steaming exposes our skin to water vapour.  Increasing the temperature of the skin and opening the pores.  This will increase blood circulation & also allow products to enter the skin barrier more easily.  However clinical benefits of applying product to warm skin are still not clear.
  • Through anecdotal evidence most believe facial steaming/steamers will open the pores and help clean the dirt from within.  Most dermatologists do not mention using this method.  They would more recommend using cleansers and avoid products that can clog the pores.
  • General thought among the population is that when we steam or face the pores will enlarge.  Thus, making them easier to clean.  However, when the skin temperature increases the pores do not change in size.
  •  There is also a lot of discussion around retinol products and how they can improve the appearance of the pores on the face.  But be cautious when using such products and always consult your doctor before using retinol, it may not be the most appropriate treatment for everyone.
  • You may also read that many commercial steamers will boost collagen, helping to make the skin look plumper.  As we age the skin becomes thinner due to the reduction of Collagen.  However, there is no scientific evidence to back up these claims.
So, having read all the above do we hear a few screams out there? What next? I love a good facial steam/spa so do I stop?  The answer is NO but follow some simple tips to ensure you get all the benefits from one of the oldest traditions.  There are still possible benefits but be aware of the risks.


Adding oils to the water creates a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation.  It can also aid the respiratory system.   There is no medical evidence that adding oils helps repair the skin but what’s gained through the reduction of stress and anxiety are hugely benefits in themselves.

Make sure you choose the correct oils…
  • Never use fragrance oils, only use Essential oils.  Read the manufactures details when purchasing essential Oils.  As a business we have found on our journey many inferior oils openly being sold as pure essential oils.  Essential oils are not cheap, do that research to be sure!
  • Never apply essential oils directly onto the skin. Although essential oils are plant based and safe, they must always be diluted in a carrier oil, water, or lotion.
  • We have listed below some suggestions for facial steaming aromatherapy use, and some of their benefits
  • Peppermint oil helps with depression, increases concentration, and reduce stress. Help clear sinus complaints. It can also help with relieving indigestion and improve congestion. Note: Toxic to Pets
  • Eucalyptus oil assists in opening your sinuses, decreases fatigue and can help with headaches. Note: Toxic to Pets
  • Frankincense Oil has been known to help Asthma suffers, sinusitis and bronchitis, as well coughing and wheezing.
  • Lavender is one of the most used scents today, one of the most relaxing scents. Can aid with sleep disorders, anxiety, and depression.
  • Tea Tree oil is now in so many products, in fact you’ve probably like most homes got at least one product using this oil. Fights infections, reduces anxiety, and relieves insomnia as well as congestion. Note: Toxic to Pets
  • Rosemary oil reduces indigestion and removes toxins from your body, improving your circulation in the process. Many believe it also improves memory.
  • Ylang Ylang is typically used as a treatment for insomnia. It relaxes your body and relieves tension in your muscles. It is also known for calming the mind and can reduce nervousness and depression. Note: Toxic to Pets
  • Lemon oil is excellent for improving mental concentration, boosting your energy, and speeding up your metabolism. Can help kill bacteria, harmful viruses, and inflammation.
Make sure you use the right amount of Oil…
  • Never add more than 3 drops of essential oils to an average size bowl of hot water. If unsure start with 1 until you find the right level for you.


  • Once a week for no more than ten minutes.  Overdoing it can scold the skin leading to mild burns.  Remember hot steam can be dangerous. 

  • Ensure you use always use a heat safe bowl, always place on a flat surface when using.

  • Overdoing it especially for sufferers of dry skin can lead to more dryness. Avoid frequent and prolonged periods.

  • Lightly cleanse your skin prior to the treatment.

  • Always keep your eyes close when inhaling the steam, this will avoid irritation to the eye.

  • Cover your head with a towel and keep at least 12 inches away from the water.

  • Breath through your nose for no more than two minutes at a time.

  • After steaming pat dry the skin and allow the skin to settle for at least 60 minutes before applying your go to creams or serums.

  • Only use mild products after steaming, check the labels thoroughly before use.

  • Keep out of direct sunlight, always apply a UV protector when entering outdoors. This applies to all facial or skin treatments.

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